Trinity Lutheran Church and School

The Trinity ‘FACT’ Sheet

Where to educate your child is an important decision. We firmly believe that Trinity Lutheran School gives your child the best academic and spiritual foundation.  Below are four ‘FACTs’  we would like you to consider. 


Trinity’s mission statement is clear: “To provide the highest quality education in a Christ and family centered environment.”  We believe every child is unique and created with many gifts.  They are filled with possibilities and yearning to know they are worthy of love and valued for who they are. Through the study of the Bible, our religion curriculum and partnership with children and families,  we build up Trinity’s community of Christian believers while creating life-long leaders. 

Academic Excellence 

At Trinity,  we believe that Academic Excellence is more than the “demonstrated ability to perform, achieve, and/or excel in scholastic activities.”  Our teachers set high, yet reachable, goals for each student.  Academic excellence  is a systematic, yet continuous process of implementing set standards, engaging students in learning and reflection while building confidence and self-esteem to think and perform outside their comfort zone.   Trinity offers a student focused classroom, making it difficult for a student to hide or get left behind.  This model allows each student to get the support necessary for success.  Students and teachers at Trinity collaborate in small groups, which gives teachers the opportunity to customize instruction.

Community Building

For more than 150 years Trinity has demonstrated their commitment to raising excellent students who are not only successful academically, but also those who develop the qualities essential to good character, citizenship, and leadership.  By participating in our unique ‘house’ system students learn the skills of collaboration, fairness, concern for others, and personal responsibility.  It is our belief these skills will be a catalyst for continued growth in both school and life.

Traditional Experience (with a twist)

A Trinity education is standards based and rooted in best practices.  Our teachers are highly trained and dedicated to the success of the students in their classrooms.  While technology is meaningful in our curriculum, it does not drive instruction. We blend our traditional style of learning with current technology ensuring our students stay connected and up-to-date. 

Trinity is an Investment In Your Child’s Future

The best way to know if Trinity is the right choice for your child(ren) is to visit. Observe…..Listen…..Ask questions. Take an opportunity to discover how Trinity School can grow and nurture your child’s academic potential and spiritual self. Experience the family atmosphere, joy, laughter and fellowship of our hallways and classrooms. Whether your child is in preschool or 6th grade  Trinity Lutheran School is an investment in your child’s future that will pay lifelong tangible and intangible benefits. The return on your investment will be priceless!